France pulls out all the stops to convince Greece to choose the Frigate Belharra

Like what she did to the contract for the acquisition of 18 aircraft RafaleIncluding 6 used devices were donated to Greece, France has now decided to pull out all the stops to convince Athens to select its offer for the acquisition of 4 modern FDI Belharra frigates and the modernization of the 4 MEKO 200 HN frigates currently in service with the Hellenic Navy. While discussions had stalled for several months, paving the way for other offers, such as the one put forward by Lockheed-Martin concerning MMSC frigates, Paris now has an offer that is both homogeneous and efficient, both from an operational and an operational point of view. economic and even political.

The French offer is based on the sale of 4 FDI Belharra frigates, of an "identical" model to that which will be implemented by the French Navy for the main systems. This 122-meter vessel for 4500 tonnes in load is undoubtedly one of the best frigates of the moment, thanks in particular to its AESA SeaFire 500 active electronic antenna radar developed by Thales, which offers performance beyond those offered by its competitors. European and American for vessels of this tonnage. In particular, it has very superior detection and tracking capabilities for stealth targets and missiles, giving the ship an unrivaled denial-of-access capability. For anti-aircraft defense, the Greek IDF will carry 16 Aster 30 missiles capable of intercepting maneuvering targets beyond 100 km, making it possible to control 15.000 km2 of air surface by ship, where ships equipped with American ESSM missiles cannot cover only 4000 km2. In other words, a single FDI equipped with Aster 30 missiles can prohibit the same portion of the sky as 4 frigates equipped with ESSM missiles.

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Thales's SeaFire 500 radar offers unparalleled detection performance, especially against stealthy or small targets.

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