Can Defense become an electoral issue for 2022?

This weekend, the president of the Hauts de France region, Xavier Bertrand, a tenor of the Republicans party, announced his candidacy for the French presidential election of 2022. For this, he outlined his program , ranging from insecurity to social protection. On the other hand, no mention was made of defense issues, while the international situation continues to deteriorate, and the subject will therefore increasingly affect the daily life of French people in the years to come. Unfortunately, Xavier Bertrand is not the only one not to consider Defense as a major electoral issue. In reality, the vast majority of political leaders, in France as in almost all of Europe, believe that defense issues have the same role as the figures imposed during figure skating competitions: it is necessary to pass, but that does not determines neither victory nor the political balance of power. This explains that ...

However, defense issues now interest many more French and Europeans than political leaders, but also defense actors themselves, are unwilling to admit it. This is in any case what emerges from the analysis of the growth of the audience of Meta-Defense since the launch of the site almost 2 years ago, and of the activity generated by each publication on social networks, especially on Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, the figures that are coming up today show, on the contrary, that Defense represents a unifying subject for a not insignificant part of the national and even European electorate. Is it possible, in this case, to convert this membership into a point of fixing of political interest on the occasion of the next French presidential elections of 2022, so as to lead the candidates to go beyond the declarations of principle in their programs? , and be effectively ambitious and voluntary, even innovative, in this critical area, both for the security of the French as well as for the economy and public finances of the country?

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Defense issues were hardly discussed during the previous debate in the second round of the presidential elections, showing to what extent politicians, like journalists, do not consider this subject to be decisive in the political confrontation.

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