Turkish industry could acquire 50% of Ukrainian engine manufacturer Motor Sich

In an article from March 12, we predicted that following the nationalization of the Ukrainian aircraft engine manufacturer Motor Sich decided by President Zelensky in order to prevent its takeover by the Chinese company Skyrizon, Kiev could move closer to Ankara in this area. Indeed, the deficit of industrial activity of one corresponded to the needs in this field of the other, the Turkish defense aeronautics industry being autonomous in many fields, except in that of motorization, which hinders many of its programs, both drones and helicopters, transport aircraft as well as the new generation T-FX fighter. This hypothesis now seems to be taking shape, according to the information revealed by the information site Chas News, citing sources near the Ukrainian authorities.

In fact, Turkey, through its aeronautics industry, could thus acquire 50% of the shares of the Ukrainian company employing 20.000 employees, a transaction equivalent to that which was to take place with Chinese companies. The initial objective, for Ankara, would be to produce engine solutions for its helicopter programs who today are severely hampered by US sanctions in this area. The motorization of combat drones, such as the Akinci or the future TB3, which must operate from the Anadulu class helicopter carriers, will also be a priority for the Turkish aeronautical industry, just like that of the regional transport aircraft TRJ 328 derived from the German Dornier 328.

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The motorization of the T-FX next-generation fighter jet program remains the main obstacle to its pursuit, and the acquisition of 50% of Motor Sich could be an opportunity for Ankara, even if the Ukrainian company is not , strictly speaking, a specialist in fighter jet engines.

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