British Royal Marines experiment with Gravity Jet Suit for naval boarding

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In 2016, after having spent almost 2 decades in the oil industry and 6 years in the Royal Marines Reserve, Richard Browning acquired several mini-turbojets in order to develop an autonomous jet pack. 6 months later, in November 2016, he made the first flight of what will become, the following year, the Gravity jet Suit, a jet pack powered by 4 mini-reactors controlled and directed by the pilot's arms, in an architecture both simple and very effective. Quickly, the British inventor raised £ 650.000 to continue developing his concept, without forgetting his years with British commandos. Obviously, the latter have also adhered to the concept, since 42 Commandos of the Royal Marines have recently conducted a series of exercises to evaluate the effectiveness of the Gravity Jet Suit for assault and boarding at sea, during several scenarios made with the patrol vessel HMS Tamar along the south coast of England.

From a semi-rigid launched in interception of the patroller, the commandos thus experimented the autonomous transfer of a soldier on the upper deck of the ship using the Jet Suit, to then deploy a flexible ladder allowing to other soldiers to join him. A second scenario, relatively similar, shared the same start of the mission, but the Jet Suit pilot took to the air once the flexible ladder was deployed to secure the surroundings of the ship. Finally, an exercise with the simultaneous boarding of 3 personnel on the aft deck of the ship was carried out. After each exercise, the pilot and his Jet Suit joined the moving RIB to land on it to begin the next exercise.

The exercise carried out by the British Royal Marines approached the real conditions of a collision of a ship launched at high speed.

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