How will the Su-57 become the centerpiece of Russian Integrated Air Defense?

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Russian integrated anti-aircraft defense is today, almost unanimously recognized, one of the most efficient in the world. It implements, within it, and in a coordinated manner, systems with complementary performances, such as the S-400 long-range interdiction systems, the Buk and S-350 medium-range systems, and TOR and Pantsir short-range systems, so as to present at all times a homogeneity in the defense that it is difficult to fault. It also cooperates with elements of air defense, such as the Be50 early warning aircraft, Su-27 and Su-35 fighters, and Mig-31 interceptors, awacs extending the device's detection capabilities, and hunters and interceptors intervening on demand to fill in the weaknesses observed.

However, this system is now well known to NATO, which has implemented countermeasures to overcome it. One of them is based on the use of stealth aircraft and missiles, such as the F22, the F35 or the SCALP missile, to eliminate the key equipment of this system, such as surveillance radars. Other devices, such as Rafale, are specialized in penetration at very low altitude and at high speed, in order to take advantage of terrain masking to approach their targets without being subjected to enemy fire. Other aircraft, such as the US Navy's EA-18G Growler, use significant jamming capabilities to neutralize enemy radars. Finally, the arrival of long-range air-to-air missiles, such as the European Meteor, makes it possible to eliminate surveillance devices from a safe distance. It was therefore essential for Moscow to evolve its system to respond to these threats, and maintain a clear sky of enemy aircraft above its territory and its forces. It is precisely in this context that the new Russian stealth fighter Su-57, in a new modernized version, will integrate.

The S500 System during its tests in the Russian winter Analyzes Défense | Fighter jets | Military aircraft construction
The S500 anti-aircraft system during tests in winter conditions in 2020

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