Russian Mi-28NM combat helicopter enters the era of drones

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We know it, Mil Mi-28N combat helicopter Russian had shown certain limitations during its engagement in Syria, this having led the Russian authorities to negotiate with the manufacturer an important phase of modernization of the apparatus. We now know more about the important evolutions made to the helicopter and its weapons system, as well as the evolution of the doctrine of use of combat helicopters by the Russian armed forces. On the occasion of'an interview with Agence Tass by Vitaly Shcherbina, the chief designer of the Mil and Kamov design offices, the latter indeed shed many light on this profound modernization of the 96 aircraft in service today, as well as the future capabilities of the device.

Syrian experience feedback during the engagement of the Mi-28N and other Russian rotary wings had in fact concluded that these devices were now vulnerable to fire and missiles from the ground above and in direct proximity to the battlefield. On the other hand, the helicopter still provides mobility and firepower more than necessary for modern land action. It is therefore now necessary to have engagement capabilities beyond the range of short-range ground-to-air systems, and detection capabilities allowing the crew to know the position of threats and targets on the battlefield, to so that you can strike without being targeted. These two objectives have conditioned the evolutions of the Mi-28NM, which will havea new air-to-surface missile capable of engaging armored targets up to 25 kilometers without having to have a line of sight. Designated under the code "article 305", this new missile will be able to hang on its target after being fired, like the new Western NLOS (No Line of Sight) such as the SPIKE ER and the MMP, allowing the aircraft to keep the relief cover and therefore not not expose yourself to retaliatory fire.

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The Mi-28N had shown certain limitations during its engagements in Syria, and the modernization to the NM version is largely based on these observations.

In addition to the missile, the Mi-28MN will also receive new 70mm guided rockets, while retaining its 30mm gun to engage nearby targets. Above all, it has the ability to implement and control drones, whether reconnaissance drones or roaming ammunition, by adding a control interface specifically designed for this purpose. The helicopter also received an info-centered combat system, offering the crew a clear and dynamic view of the battlefield, merging data from its own detectors, and in particular from its new Electro-optical system and its radar, as well as its drones, and allied ground and air units present in the area of ​​engagement.

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