Egypt is already interested in Rafale F4

Le Rafale seems to have more than convinced the authorities in Cairo and the Egyptian air forces. In fact, they had barely signed the a new order for 30 F3R standard devices, accompanied by 2 A330 MRTT tanker planes and a military satellite, that Egyptian negotiators have announced their intention to increase the fleet of Rafale Egyptians to 72 aircraft, or even 100 aircraft, by placing new orders in the years to come. Obviously, the capabilities of the future F4 standard of the French aircraft seem to meet the country's needs to strengthen its deterrence and deep strike capabilities, and thus allow it to strengthen its status as a regional power.

According to the American site citing Egyptian sources close to the matter, the Rafale F4 indeed constitutes a choice alternative for Cairo to the F35A which Washington refused to export to its Middle Eastern ally, particularly in the area of ​​cooperative engagement. Furthermore, the Rafale F4 will have a range of modernized sensors, including a new version of the AESA RBE2 radar, as well as advanced weapons, such as glide bombs, the A2SM Hammer 1000 kg bomb and the new MICA NG short and medium range Air-Air missile. Above all, the aircraft will have advanced capabilities for cooperative engagement and information and data sharing, in particular with the Mig-29 and Su-35 recently acquired by Cairo from Moscow, contracts for which Washington has already expressed its great dissatisfaction, by limiting the options for modernizing the Egyptian F16 fleet. This point, already put forward previously by Egyptian officials, seems to represent a weighty argument concerning the extension of the fleet of Rafale from the country.

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Cooperation and data exchange between Rafale and Russian or European planes seems to be a determining factor guiding the choice of the Egyptian authorities

For the moment, the subject has not yet been raised publicly by the French authorities, nor by the Team Rafale. But the hypothesis of a potentially large new order, which will be arbitrated in volume according to Egyptian budgetary capacities when the time comes, undoubtedly puts thee Rafale, and its F4 version, under the spotlight while several countries are currently arbitrating a possible acquisition of the French aircraft. Remember that the F4 standard will be a major step in the program. Indeed, it will not relate to a single model, but to two versions of the device, the F4.1 based on an evolution of the F3R, and F4.2 which will be based on a new cell offering more advanced development potential, particularly in the field of data fusion and the integration of new sensors. In fact, for Cairo, having the 2 models, the F4.1 after upgrades to the 24 + 30 aircraft already ordered, and the F4.2 offering significant capacities comparable to those of the 5th generation aircraft, represents a major challenge. to impose itself in the Middle East as in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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