US Navy Suspends Funding for Rail Gun and High Speed ​​Shells Project

Launched in 2005, the American program to test and design an electric gun, or Rail Gun, has had to deal with the lack of enthusiasm of the US Navy and the Pentagon on several occasions. The tests concerning this gun capable of propelling projectiles at speeds ranging from Mach 6 to Mach 9, and potentially capable of reaching targets at nearly 200 km, even at 400 km if the speed at the exit of the muzzle exceeded Mach 10 , were moreover suspended several times. But according to the detailed investigations carried out by The War Zone website, it seems that the absence of funding for the continuation of the program noted in the 2022 budget, will now mark a prolonged suspension, or even a definitive halt.

Indeed, for the US Navy, which we know is struggling to save every million dollars now to finance its modernization, the current program would have achieved its objectives, and fully documented the capabilities of this technology. Continuing to fund this experimental phase is therefore no longer of interest, which is why no funding earmarked for it appears in the 2022 budget. However, if the US naval authorities specify that the documentation thus generated will be kept ( still happy!), no implementation of its data is yet planned, or even simply considered. What does look like an abandonment of the project, and not a simple technical interruption.

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The kinetic energy of a Rail Gun shell provides significant energy release on impact and exceptional destructive power that is highly focused on the target.

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