Greece would be close to ordering 3 FDI frigates and 3 Gowind 2500 corvettes from the French Naval Group

After the painful Australian episode, to say that the French Naval Group needed good news to restore its image would be an understatement. It seems that this good news is close to arriving, if we are to believe the most active accounts on the social networks of the Hellenic Peninsula in this area, since according to several of them, Athens and Paris would have managed to an agreement for the acquisition of 3 FDI Belh @ rra frigates, thus, and it is a surprise, of 3 Gowind 2500 corvettes, accompanied by an industrial and strategic partnership including, as we can imagine, the local construction of some of the ships. However, this announcement must be taken with the necessary reservations, the Greek blogosphere having already, in the past, packed on various topics.

However, the structure of the offer gives a lot of credit to these leaks. Indeed, there is little doubt that this articulation between 3 FDI frigates known to have no equivalent in the anti-aircraft field and very efficient in other areas, and the 3 Gowind 2500 corvettes, very efficient in anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare while having the most comfortable anti-aircraft self-protection capability , would allow the Hellenic Navy to significantly increase its power at sea, and to stand up, for several years, to the rise of the Turkish Navy. In addition, this combination offers a performance ratio - presence at sea - very advantageous price for Athens, as well as shortened deadlines for ship deliveries, while retaining a significant share of local manufacturing.

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The Gowind 2500 has already been chosen by 4 Marines in the World, for 16 exported corvettes, most often under local construction.

Obviously, we do not yet know the key data of such a contract if it were to be formalized, such as the total amount of the order, delivery times, the exact nature of the industrial and technological partnership between France and France. Greece, as well as the configuration chosen by the Hellenic Admiralty for each vessel. On the other hand, if indeed Athens and Paris were to formalize this contract, it would constitute an additional step in the merger of the two European capitals in the field of Defense, after Greece ordered 24 combat planes Rafale with France this year, creating a strong axis of cooperation for contain certain expansionist aspirations in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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