Beijing increases military pressure on India in the Himalayas

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The use of military threats seems to have become the rule for Beijing whenever one of its neighbors does not comply with its demands. In addition to the widely commented case of Taiwan, with numerous naval and air exercises and increasingly threatening rhetoric from the Chinese authorities and the national press against the independent island, it is now the turn of India has to face increasingly explicit threats, and increasingly large and dense military exercises along its eastern border with People's China, particularly on the Ladakh plateaus.

According to the state website GlobalTimes , the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the PLA, conducted multiple exercises on the Tibetan highlands of Xinjiang province, using PCL-181 artillery systems from 155mm as well as 122mm PHL-11 self-propelled rocket launchers in a live fire exercise. The same week, the PHL-03 300mm heavy rocket launchers and a latest version of LRM capable of firing 370mm rockets were deployed on an unidentified Tibetan plateau, in cooperation with reconnaissance systems. by drone and artillery radars to coordinate the precision of the shots. JH-7 bombers were also engaged, at altitudes exceeding 4000 m.

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The PCL-181 incorporates many aspects of the French CAESAR, as well as numerous capabilities, such as an operational range of 40 km with conventional shells, and more than 60 km with added propulsion shells.

This not-so-subtle show of force against New Delhi aims to get the Indian authorities to soften their positions in the face of Beijing's firm demands in the ongoing negotiations over the demarcation line serving as a border between the two. country on the Himalayan highlands. It is accompanied by a notable strengthening of Chinese forces deployed along this area , as well as defense infrastructures positioned nearby, in particular air bases . In addition, numerous new anti-aircraft defense sites have been observed in recent months surrounding these Chinese positions, marking effective operational preparation by the PLA, which appears to anticipate an upcoming military operation in the region.

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