Unsurprisingly, the F-35A is given the winner of the HX competition in Finland

The HX competition, which aims to replace the Finnish F-18s this decade, is coming to an end, and the selected aircraft is expected to be announced in the coming days or weeks. Unlike many other recent competitions, the 5 competing aircraft manufacturers, Boeing with its F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet, Dassault Aviation with the Rafale, Eurofighter with the Typhoon, Lockheed-Martin with the F-35A and Saab with the Gripen E/F, continued their efforts until the end of the competition, without throwing in the towel in the face of a truncated call for tenders in favor of the F-35A , as was the case in Belgium or Canada. Despite this, it seems that the conclusion of this call for tenders is the same as for all other recent competitions in the Western bloc, and that the F-35A will be called upon to impose itself once again on European soil.

In any case, that's what people think they know the iltalehti.fi site, on the basis of several sources, admittedly anonymous, but all giving the same information. Thus, according to this information, the F-35A would have effectively emerged victorious from the competition, and a recommendation in favor of the American aircraft was sent to the Finnish authorities so that they can make an arbitration before Christmas. It seems that the performance of the F-35A convinced the Finnish referees, as well as the guarantee of seeing the device remain in service, and be regularly updated, until 2060, because of the relative young age of this aircraft compared to its competitors. In addition, it seems that the operating costs of the F-35A were deemed sustainable by Helsinki, since lower than € 4 million per year and per aircraft, i.e. the limit imposed by the Finnish tender which did not want not spend more than 10% of its peacetime defense budget, ie € 260 million, to operate its fleet.

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The Finnish F-18 Hornets have given full satisfaction to the country's air forces since their entry into service in 1998

If there is still a very slight chance and a tiny chance of seeing the Finnish authorities turn towards a European solution, everything suggests that mass is now said in the far north, and that Finland will swell the ranks of users of F -35. This will undoubtedly be a new success for Lockheed-Martin which continues to win all the competitions in which the plane participates, leaving no chance for its American and European competitors to win once it enters. on stage. But this new failure of Typhoon, Gripen, Super Hornet and Rafale, will have very different consequences depending on the manufacturer…

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