Washington hardens the tone vis-a-vis Moscow in the Ukrainian crisis

While many observations have confirmed the increase in the number of Russian soldiers deployed along the Ukrainian borders, to the east facing the Donbass, in Crimea but also in Belarus, where no less than 30.000 Russian soldiers are being deployed, and that the Russian fleet has begun vast naval maneuvers in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea bringing together 140 military ships, Washington has decided to considerably harden its tone in recent hours, in a joint action carried out at the White House, but also at the Pentagon, in the Congress and the United Nations, in an atmosphere reminiscent of the most tense hours of the Cold War.

This hardening follows the written response given last week by Washington in order to officially respond to the demands posed by Moscow to defuse the present crisis. Because of the very excessive nature of the demands formulated by the Kremlin, such as the commitment never to integrate Ukraine, but also Georgia, Sweden and Finland into NATO, and the withdrawal of NATO forces from the eastern countries having joined the alliance after 1997, there is little doubt that these would be rejected by Washington as by all the western allies. Moreover, it seems that the calculation led by Russian diplomacy on a fragmentation of the Atlantic alliance in the face of Russian military threats has failed, with the European countries after all taking increasingly firm postures against Moscow and in support of Ukraine. Even Germany, once perceived as hesitant and still opposed to sending military equipment to Kyiv, is now showing a much more determined face, having even announced the possible reconsideration of the NordStream 2 gas pipeline in the event of Russian attack on its Ukrainian neighbour.

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Berlin seems to have backtracked on its desire to protect the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline at all costs

It is in this context of a strengthened alliance and growing threats that Washington today launched a major diplomatic and communication offensive to try to bring Moscow to its knees, after the week's appeal to Beijing to "reasoning with Moscow" has come to mean the de facto alliance that now exists between Russia and China. This is carried out simultaneously on 3 axes, a diplomatic component with the convening of the United Nations Security Council, a legislative component with the next presentation of the “Mother of all Sanctions” by a bipartisan vote in Congress, and an operational component, with the direct call of the American Chief of Staff in Moscow to "Turn around", while 8.500 US Army men were put on heightened alert to be deployed, if necessary, in less than 5 days in Europe.

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