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With the 42 Indonesian Rafale , the Dassault fighter equals the exports of the Mirage 2000

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“Too complex, too expensive, unsaleable”, this is how Hervé Morin, then Minister of Defense under Nicolas Sarkozy, explained the poor sales of the Rafale on the international scene at the start of the 2010s. Today, however, with a new contract for the acquisition of 42 aircraft deliverable from 2025 for the Indonesian air forces, the French aeronautical flagship reaches a total of 284 export orders to 7 international clients, equaling in volume the exports of its predecessor, the Mirage 2000, 285 examples exported to 8 countries. This new contract, estimated at €7 billion, allows Team Rafale to confirm the exceptional results recorded in 2021 with 146 aircraft ordered by 4 countries, including 80 F4 standard Rafale ordered by the United Arab Emirates alone, and positions the Rafale at the top of the hierarchy of modern twin-engine combat aircraft in terms of export, far ahead of the American F15 and F18, the European Typhoon or even the Russian Su-35.

Unlike the Emirati and Egyptian orders, the Indonesian contract includes iterative and successive orders, this being linked to the functioning of financing in Jakarta, so as not to have to go through a complex and difficult exogenous financing model. In other words, the Indonesian authorities have negotiated overall the acquisition of 42 aircraft, which will be ordered successively. However, and even if the first order only concerns 6 aircraft, it is not an option, but rather a global contract with orders and staggered payments, making it possible to secure both Jakarta and Paris. in this domain.

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With great versatility and a remarkable payload capacity, the Rafale perfectly meets the specific needs of the Indonesian air forces.

In terms of modernizing its air force, Jakarta announced several months ago that it intended to turn to the Rafale , but also to the American F-15EX, two aircraft renowned for their great autonomy and their significant capacity to carry. In addition, the country is engaged with South Korea in the co-development of two programs, the T/F/A-50 Golden Eagle, a high-performance training and attack aircraft capable of carrying out missions of air superiority over a reduced perimeter, and the KF-21 Boromae, the new generation fighter developed by the South Korean industry , intended to replace the F-16 as a priority. Ultimately, Jakarta aims to increase its air force, which currently consists of 33 F-16s, 11 Su-30s and 5 Su-27s, supported by 14 T-50s and 23 Hawk 200s, towards a homogeneous power of 170 aircraft composed of Dassault Rafale , Boeing F-15EX, and KF-21 Boromae, in order to be able to dissuade Beijing from any regional adventurism.

The Rafale contract was not the only agreement signed by Florence Parly and her Indonesian counterpart Prabowo Subianto. Thus, Naval Group and the Indonesian shipyards PAT have co-signed a Memorandum of Understanding, or cooperation agreement, relating to the possible acquisition and local construction of two Scorpene-type submarines. Negotiations on technology transfer and financing will probably be long and complex around this potential program, but the French naval group is taking a serious option against its competitors to equip the Indonesian Navy with its submarines. In addition, a second MoU was signed in the space domain, to provide Jakarta with a military satellite.

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The Scorpene was chosen by 4 world navies, in Chile, Malaysia, India and Brazil.

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Fabrice Wolf
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