UK Tempest and Japanese FX programs are getting even closer

The British government of Boris Johnson is particularly active on defense issues and in the field of international industrial cooperation. Whether it's the AUKUS alliance with possible cooperation with Australia on nuclear submarines, the opening of the Tempest program to certain European partners, or the merger with the American program Futur Vertical Lift, Great Britain has multiplied the announcements in recent months, with some success it must be recognized. And one of the biggest successes today lies in the rapprochement in London and Tokyo around the FX program of the next generation Japanese fighter, with the signing ofa cooperation protocol, at the end of December, concerning the engines of the device.

It seems that Rolls-Royce turbojets and Martin-Baker ejection seats will not be the only Japanese borrowings from British technology. Indeed, the two countries have just announced the signing of a new cooperation protocol around the JAGUAR program which will equip both the Tempest and the FX, and will provide a set of next-generation sensors allowing both devices to have an advanced and exhaustive view of the environment in which they will operate. This program will be developed over the next 5 years, and will create 75 jobs in Great Britain, including 40 engineering positions within the Leonardo group in charge of this area within the Tempest program, with an overall envelope of 2 billion to achieve this.

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the Tempest and FX will likely share the same propulsion technology

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