Geopolitical Webinar "Iran and its Issues"

Date: : March 17, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m.

Format : Webinar

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Introduction :

With the resumption of negotiations on the nuclear issue and faced with the prospect of the succession of the current Supreme Guide, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Islamic Republic of Iran is entering a delicate phase in its existence. The regime in place in Tehran finds itself in a paradoxical situation of internal fragility and external strength. Internally, the seizure of power by the hardest conservative wing confirms that the maintenance of power by the Shiite clergy takes precedence over the demands emanating from a population in distress, hit hard by international sanctions. Abroad, the Islamic Republic takes advantage of regional reconfigurations and capitalizes on its geostrategic value. Beyond support for the "axis of Shiite resistance" in the Near and Middle East, the Raisi administration seems to be betting everything on the policy of "looking east": linking the country's development to the Chinese project of the New Silk Roads and making strengthening ties with China and its Asian neighborhood a cornerstone of Iran's foreign policy.
Organized as part of the doctoral activities of the Institut Catholique de Paris, and with the assistance of the Brousse dell'Aquila Endowment Fund, this study day entirely devoted to Iran will be an opportunity to address in depth subjects as varied as the hardening of the regime in preparation for the "post-Khamenei", the impact of international sanctions on the lives of Iranians, the challenge of foreign investment, the impact of regional recompositions on Iran's strategic posture , the use of asymmetric warfare tools, the recent integration into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)… and any other subject allowing
decipher the geopolitical situation of Iran in 2022.

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