Cacophony within NATO over Polish MiG-29s

Last night we published an article (to avoid confusion, it has been deleted and is accessible for information at the end of this article) concerning Warsaw's announced decision to transfer its Mig-29 fighter jets to the American base at Rammstein in Germany, suggesting that the United States would ensure the delivery of these fighters to the Ukrainian air force in order to support the defense effort against to Russian aggression. In the same press release, the Polish authorities announced that they would replace the aircraft offered indirectly to Ukraine, by acquiring second-hand combat aircraft with the same capabilities as those of its Mig-29s, suggesting that the United States had agreed to sell second-hand F-16s to Warsaw. The Polish statement ended by calling on other Eastern European countries that also have this type of aircraft to do the same, leaving little doubt as to Washington's support for this operation.

Two hours later, the American Department of Defense, by the voice of Assistant Secretary of Defense John Kirby, brought a complete denial to what he describes as a “Polish proposal”. According to him, the United States does not wish to receive Polish Mig-29s or others on the Rammstein base, and does not have any fleet of aircraft meeting Polish expectations that can be sold in the short term. Clearly, the Polish and American authorities had badly, if at all, coordinated on this file, creating a major cacophony within NATO, even though it is facing the greatest security crisis these 40 last years.

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Poland intended to receive in compensation for its Mig-29s American aircraft offering equivalent performance, most likely F-16 Block52s similar to those already in service with the Polish Air Force.

Such a failure in communication probably has multiple origins. It is hard to imagine, in fact, the Poles engaging in the disclosure of such an evolved and complex arrangement passing through the Rammstein air base, and therefore a much greater American interventionism than it has been since the beginning of the conflict with Vladimir Putin, without the subject having actually been studied and endorsed at the highest level in Washington and Brussels. As we wrote yesterday, such a strategy presupposed a profound change in Washington's involvement in this crisis, suggesting that the United States had information about a change of posture on the part of Vladimir Putin, that It was a question of answering the overtures made by Volodymyr Zelensky or to reduce the heavy losses within his army engaged in an offensive out of plan. Obviously, it is not.

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