Germany chooses the CH-47F Chinook heavy helicopter to replace its CH-53G

After more than a year of hesitation, Berlin has finally made its decision regarding the replacement of its CH-53G heavy transport helicopters. According to the German press, the German Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht would indeed have chosen the model proposed by Boeing, the CH-47F Chinook, instead of the CH-53K, to equip the Bundeswehr.

The main argument in favor of the Boeing aircraft is obviously its price for purchase, but also for maintenance, Berlin planning to acquire 60 aircraft for €5 billion, whereas it would not have been possible to acquire than 40 CH-53K for the same amount. Besides, the Chinook is already used by many European air forces, offering possible synergies in maintenance and training for the German armies.

Finally, although it is not mentioned, we can also think that the acquisition of 60 CH-47Ks built by Boeing will make it possible to smooth out relations with the American aircraft manufacturer after the cancellation of the desire to order 45 combat aircraft Super Hornet and Growler, to turn to the F-35A and the Typhoon. Like the acquisition of the Lightning IIs and Typhoon electronic warfare, the new Bundeswehr helicopters will be financed from the €100 billion equipment fund presented by Chancellor Olaf Scholz the day after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

German CH-47F Chinooks will replace Bundeswehr CH-53Gs
The first German Ch-53Gs entered service in the early 70s, and the fleet is now struggling to maintain satisfactory availability, while maintenance costs have skyrocketed in recent years.

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