Colombia becomes a "major ally" of the United States

The war in Ukraine has generated a certain radicalization at the level of international relations, in Europe of course, but also on the whole planet. In this context, President Maduro's Venezuela did not fail to play an important card, by displaying unfailing support for Moscow from the outset of the conflict, and by systematically voting against the texts targeting the Russian Federation at the United Nations. . For Caracas, it is a question of securing the good graces of the Kremlin, whose military support and in terms of arms exports are essential to maintaining the regime in place. If the rapprochement with Moscow and Beijing dates from the Chavez period, it intensified under the Maduro regime, Venezuela having obtained from Russia favorable conditions to acquire new equipment, in particular Su-30 fighter planes.

This new step taken by Caracas is not without generating deep concerns around the country, particularly in Colombia, while the two countries have maintained more than tense relations since 2015, especially since the Venezuelan defense budget is 12 times lower than that of its neighbour, the country nevertheless has a much better equipped armed force, fielding in particular T-72 heavy tanks, Mi-35 combat helicopters and 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled guns, of which lacking the Colombian armed forces, long organized mainly for the fight against terrorism against the FARC and the fight against the drug traffickers who partly controlled the country. In these conditions, the announcement made on May 10 by US President Joe Biden, according to which Colombia now joined the list of major allied countries not belonging to NATO, suggests a probable hardening of relations between the two South American countries.

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Unlike Colombia, Venezuela has heavy equipment suitable for high-intensity engagement, including 92 T-72B1 heavy tanks provided by Russia

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