After Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania are also turning to the F-16

F 16 Romania e1667924303879 Defense Analysis | Fighter aircraft | Bulgaria

If the United States and Lockheed-Martin have recorded numerous commercial successes in Europe and around the world in recent years with the F-35, while Austria, the Czech Republic and Spain are ready to join the 10 countries Europeans who have already ordered the device or started official exclusive negotiations with…

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The French Navy wants to model its capacity strategy on aeronautical programs

The French Navy will have 6 FREMM and 2 FREMM DA e1626962523692 Defense Analysis | Fighter aircraft | Bulgaria

When it entered service in 2002 within the 12F flotilla of the naval aeronautics to replace its antediluvian F-8F Crusader, the first Rafale Marine were delivered to the F1 standard, which then only had air-to-air capabilities. But from the start of the program, the scalability of the device and the planning of…

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