China has reportedly doubled fighter jet production over the past year

Between 2014 and 2017, Chinese shipyards jointly launched 6 destroyers as well as around ten frigates and around fifteen corvettes. This production of modern ships was already perceived then as a major effort on the part of Beijing to modernize and strengthen its fleet. However, for 2021 alone, no less than 7 destroyers and 2 frigates were launched by Chinese shipyards, alongside a new aircraft carrier and many other ships, all considered perfectly modern and very well equipped. and armed. To support the expansion of the Chinese fleet, Beijing has also set up 3 modern training, training and simulation centers, one per fleet, to train, train and qualify crews concurrently with the delivery of new ships. In fact, the rise of the People's Liberation Army Navy has become the visible marker of the very rapid modernization and expansion of the Chinese armed forces, while in 2019 Beijing banned the broadcasting of information, especially on social media, about the country's armed forces and defense industry.

However, informed observers managed to follow the rise of the other Chinese armed forces, in particular with regard to the air forces. Thus, based on the observation of the serial numbers and registrations of the photos of combat aircraft published on social networks and in Chinese press articles, a consensus emerged concerning the annual production of Chinese combat aircraft, with around 80 new fighters delivered to the Chinese air and naval forces each year, including 20 to 30 20th generation J-5s. At the Zhuhai 2022 Airshow, held in early November, it became apparent that Chinese fighter jet production had increased significantly in recent months. Thus, where the fleet of J-20s was estimated, a year ago, at around 150 units, it now seems that it would reach between 220 and 260 aircraft, on the basis of the observation of registration attesting that the production of the third batch of devices would be well under way, with a production, in one year, of 70 to 80 new devices, ie at least twice the production rate observed until then.

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Derived from the Su-30, the J-16 has completely renewed and much more modern avionics than its Russian counterpart, as well as new engines for greater autonomy and increased performance.

J-20 production isn't the only one that seems to have increased in recent months. Thus, the number of J-16 general-purpose heavy fighters also seems to have increased significantly over the past year, while many new single-engine J-10Cs and carrier-borne J-15s have also been observed. In total, it seems that the annual production of combat aircraft by Chinese industries has doubled in one year, to reach and even probably exceed 150 aircraft per year, i.e. a production rate substantially equivalent to that supported by aeronautical companies. concerning the F-35, F-15EX and F/A-18E/F intended for the American armed forces.

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