After the F-135 engine, the F-35 will also change radar with the AN/APG-85

F35 evening e1630405879447

In summary, it is common to say that a combat aircraft is none other than the combination of an airframe, an engine and a radar. And the aircraft that marked their era, such as the F4 Phantom II, the Mirage III, the Mig-21, the F-15, the F-16 and the Su-27, all respected…

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AUKUS: sale of American submarines to Australia could be a zero-sum game according to the US Congress

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Beyond the diplomatic crisis generated with France following the cancellation of the Attack-class submarine program, the program aimed at equipping the Royal Australian Navy with American-British nuclear-powered submarines, in the part of the AUKUS alliance, could well prove to be a game to...

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How does the new Russian industrial strategy redefine the strategic equation of the conflict in Ukraine?

THE T80BVM is the latest version of the T80 in the Russian forces e1681911170703

After several months of wandering, Russian industrial strategy is now contributing to profoundly upsetting the balance of power in the short, medium and long term around the Ukrainian conflict and beyond. Since the start of the military aggression against Ukraine, the Russian armies have suffered very significant losses, particularly in…

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