Leopard 2, Mamba, Patriot, Marder… The Europeans massively increase their military support for Ukraine

Leopard 2PL 2 b Bumar e1673450143102 Germany | Military alliances | Defense Analysis

For several days now, there has been an atmosphere of imminent decisive battle in European chancelleries. Indeed, after months and months of prevarication over the offensive or defensive nature of this or that equipment, or multiple pas de trois to justify certain decisions, it seems that a majority...

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The Chinese People's Liberation Army is also developing an All-Domain doctrine

Amphibious assault PLA e1629894376327 Germany | Military alliances | Defense Analysis

As we have written on several occasions, if Western media and political attention, including in the United States, is today focused on Russia and the conflict in Ukraine, it is indeed China which concerns above all the Pentagon strategists. Indeed, apart from its nuclear capabilities,…

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