Leopard 2, Mamba, Patriot, Marder… The Europeans massively increase their military support for Ukraine

For several days now, the atmosphere of an imminent decisive battle has prevailed in European chancelleries. Indeed, after months and months of procrastinating on the offensive or defensive nature of this or that equipment, or multiple pas de trois to justify certain decisions, it seems that a majority of the major European capitals are now moving towards support massive contribution to the Ukrainian defense effort, within shorter timeframes than usual. The beginning of the year was thus marked by the French decision to deliver Bastion troop transport vehicles, and above all light tanks (or armored reconnaissance vehicles for those who are irritated by this qualification) AMX-10RC, paving the way for the delivery of non-Soviet first-line offensive armor, even as the remaining stocks in Europe of T-72 tanks and BMP infantry fighting vehicles are dwindling and Russian industrial production has returned to frenetic rhythms of 40 to 50 heavy armored vehicles per month.

In fact, the day after the French announcement, Berlin and Washington jointly announced the next delivery of VCI Marder and Bradley to Kyiv, but also of 2 additional Patriot batteries in addition to that already promised by Joe Biden a few weeks ago. As such, the training of the Ukrainian servants of these batteries will begin next week. based at Fort Still in Oklahoma, so that the batteries can be delivered and implemented "as quickly as possible", according to US Air Force Brigadier General Patt Ryder, who supervises this training. At the same time, similar training will be undertaken by Paris and Rome in order to be able to supply Kyiv with a SAMP/T Mamba battery, which will allow the Ukrainian armies to rely on 4 long-range anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic systems with very high performance within a few months. Let us recall in passing that Patriot training within the US Army today takes 2 years, even if this will be considerably shortened in view of the operational urgency, but also of the know-how of the Ukrainian ground-air operators who knew perfectly how to use their S-300, Buk and Tor systems to deny the skies to Russian fighters, and who also learned to implement other systems such as the German IRIS-T and the French Crotale -NG in time records.

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France and Italy are preparing to train Ukrainian personnel with the aim of setting up an anti-aircraft and anti-missile battery SAMP / T Mamba

But the most decisive of the announcements made in recent days was made by Polish President Andrzej Duda, during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Lithuanian counterpart, Prime Minister Gitanas Nausèda, who spoke held in Lviv today. Indeed, the Polish president announced the upcoming dispatch of a company of tanks Leopard 2 Poles in Ukraine, as part of an “international coalition of donors” to support the Ukrainian defense effort. However, we do not know the framework of this coalition, and especially whether Berlin has actually given its approval to Warsaw to deliver these armored vehicles built by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, 250 of which are in service with the Polish armed forces. As a reminder, a tank company most often represents 14 of these armored vehicles, even if this number can in certain cases exceed 20 units.

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