Did we witness a strategic reversal during the Ramstein meeting?

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The subject of all hopes and expectations on the part of the Ukrainians and their closest supporters such as Poland or the Baltic States, the meeting which was held today at the American air base of Ramstein in the Rhineland- Palatinate, will ultimately have produced very few…

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Faced with the potential arrival of Su-35s and S-400s in Iran, Israel formalizes an order for 25 F-15EXs from Boeing

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Tensions between Jerusalem and Tehran are, today, at the heart of the structural instability of the Middle Eastern theater. These are notably the result of recurring clashes between the Israeli armed forces and Shiite Hezbollah in Lebanon, as well as those with Iranian militias in Syria. In recent years, however, these tensions…

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Will South Korean armored vehicles establish themselves in European armies?

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Following in-depth consultation with France and the Nexter group, the Danish authorities announced on January 19 that they would transfer their entire fleet of CAESAR motorized cannons, i.e. 19 8x8 systems that are heavier and better armored than the models in service within the Army…

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