Romania will spend €10 billion to modernize its armies

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With a defense budget of €7.8 billion per year, or 2% of the country's GDP, Romania is one of NATO's good students, even if this effort is handicapped by a GDP of less than $300 billion and one of the lowest GDP per capita within…

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Can the French Army turn to the KF-51 Panther tank from German company Rheinmetall?

rheinmetall panther kf51 main battle tank 1

That's it... they've cracked... It's probably in these terms that the vast majority of readers, at least the most measured among them, approached this new article with a slightly provocative title. Indeed, the new KF-51 Panther tank presented by its designer, the German Rheinmetall, during the show…

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The HIMARS mobile artillery system will extend to 1000 km in the coming years

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Along with the CAESAR, the TB2 and the Javelin, the HIMARS mobile artillery system was one of the great operational revelations of the first year of the war in Ukraine. Armed with 6 M30 or M31 rockets with a range of 15 to 90 km, this system mounted on a 6×6 truck…

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