Hard blow for Rheinmetall's KF51 Panther, Berlin turns to the Leopard 2A7V to replace the tanks sent to Ukraine


Apart from doing a handstand, Armin Papperger, the CEO of Rheinmetall, will probably have tried everything in recent weeks to convince the Bundeswehr to turn to its new tank, the KF51 Panther, in particular to replace the 18 Leopard A26s sent by Berlin in Ukraine in support of the effort to…

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The F-35 is fast approaching the Navy but also the Spanish Air Force

US Marine Corps F35B taking off from an LHD e1585670634365

The American F-35 equips or has been ordered today by no less than 9 European air forces, while 3 others, Greece, Romania and the Czech Republic, have already announced their intention to provide it in the short or medium term. Not only will it become the most used device…

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