Negotiations advance between Berlin and Jerusalem regarding the Arrow 3 anti-ballistic system

Arrow 3 Israel IAI e1663860251969

In many aspects, the negotiations begun in the aftermath of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, between Israelis and Germans to allow Germany to implement the Arrow-3 anti-ballistic system, represent the unifying pillar having brought 14 other European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Netherlands, Republic…

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Australian Strategic Review 2023 redefines every aspect of the country's defense

F35A Australia e1652882688378

As a general rule, a strategic review was, in the West, an imposed exercise aimed at providing a certain framework for the political decisions which will govern, for the years to come, the defense effort made by the country's government. This is particularly the case in France, where the 2013 White Paper, as well as…

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The American right in Congress wants to favor the Pacific theater against China over support for Ukraine

M 777 ukraine e1682344786378

For the vast majority of Europeans, but also of their leaders, the support of the United States and its armies in the face of the threat that Russia may pose is assured and indisputable. The eagerness of the Finns and Swedes to join NATO after the Russian offensive in Ukraine is the perfect illustration of this,…

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Does the T-7A Redhawk trainer program show the limits of digital design?

T7 Red Hawk

At the end of a fierce competition with Lockheed-Martin, Leonardo and Northrop-Grumman, the consortium formed by the American Boeing and the Swedish Saab managed, in 2018, to win for the replacement of advanced training aircraft. US Air Force T-38 Talon under the TX program. The program as its…

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The Spanish Navy turns to Sikorsky's MH-60R anti-submarine warfare helicopter to arm its frigates

MH 60R LM cover

In terms of naval helicopter dedicated to anti-submarine warfare missions, the Western offer boils down, broadly speaking, to a clash between the NH90 NFH (Nato Frigate helicopter) from the European consortium NH Industries, and the MH -90R (known as Romeo) from the American Sikorsky. For a time, we might have thought that the device…

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Long-range artillery: the French are thinking about it, German industrialists are anticipating it

HIMARS system of the American forces e1658839692369

Long-range artillery has become a critical operational issue for modern armies, its effectiveness in high-intensity conflicts having been widely demonstrated in Ukraine. And in this area, modern systems, such as HIMARS from the American Lockheed-Martin or the Russian Tornado S and G, provide added value...

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