Spanish Navy turns to Sikorsky's MH-60R anti-submarine warfare helicopter to arm its frigates

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In terms of naval helicopter dedicated to anti-submarine warfare missions, the Western offer can be summed up, in broad outline, in a confrontation between the NH90 NFH (Nato Frigate helicopter) of the European consortium NH Industries, and the MH -90R (called Romeo) from the American Sikorsky. For a time, one might have thought that the European aircraft would succeed in imposing itself against the quasi-hegemony Sikorsky had with the SH-60 Seahawk until now, the NH90 NFH in service with the Italian and French navies obviously offering very satisfactory performances, in particular in terms of anti-submarine warfare, a favorite field of the French Navy. Unfortunately, in recent years, the image of the NH90 has greatly deteriorated, several countries like Australia, but also Sweden, Norway and even Belgium, having announced the early retirement of their devices due to cost and maintenance issues. The fact is, most of these dissatisfied customers have since turned to the Romeo or at least the Blackhawk from Sikorsky, a relatively old device, but which has convinced by its reliability and above all its availability.

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