Is the T-14 Armata tank really present in Ukraine as the Russian press claims?

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, Russian forces have reportedly lost, in a documented way, more than 1900 combat tanks, including more than 120 T-62/64, more than 1000 T-72, 460 T-80 as well as 60 T-90 and more than 220 unidentified tanks because too damaged. Despite the resumption of industrial production russe, in particular on the Uralvagonzavod site which would produce around fifty T-90M, T-80BVM, T-72B3M and BMP-3M armored vehicles each month, these losses have severely tested the capacities of the Russian armies, representing more than 65% of the fleet of tanks they had at the start of the conflict. If new Russian tanks such as T-90M manage to reach the front each month, these losses have forced the country's authorities to take out 800 T-64M stocks to reinforce the forces deployed on 1200 km of front, these armored vehicles having started to be rehabilitated after 40 years in storage. In fact, there is nothing surprising that the Russian General Staff puts forward certain new weapons, supposed to bring the promise of an imminent victory.

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