New order for Switchblade 300 prowling ammunition for the French Armies

We can say what we want about the war in Ukraine, but there is no doubt that it will have considerably moved the lines in Europe, and in France in particular, vis-à-vis a certain programmatic conservatism and operational of the Armies. And many capability weaknesses discussed for many years by Think Tanks and in the French defense specialist press, are now being promoted to the rank of major acquisition priority by the Ministry of the Armed Forces. This is the case of anti-aircraft defense systems and in particular SHORAD (Short Range Air Defense) capabilities for land forces, electronic warfare capabilities and the suppression of fighter aviation defenses, as well as the need to replace and extend the long-range strike capabilities of artillery. This is also the case with the emergence of a new type of ammunition, prowling ammunition sometimes improperly designated as “kamikaze drones”.

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