China to develop 203mm artillery gun for its ground forces

During the Cold War, the two Soviet and NATO camps had, in addition to their 105, 122, 152 and 155 mm artillery, heavier pieces of 203 mm, or 8 inches, in their inventory. Thus, the Soviet 2S7 Pions, like the American M110s, were used to destroy enemy strongholds and bunkers, but also both had tactical nuclear shells, such as the American M422A1 shell which carried a W33 nuclear charge of 5 or 10 kilotons , or the Soviet 3BV2 Kleshchevina shell. However, it quickly became apparent to both sides that the use of this type of system for nuclear fire, even tactical, had many operational disadvantages. For the United States, the difficulties encountered with the implementation of the M110 led them to withdraw it from service in 1994, while the 2S7, in its modified version 2S7M Malka, continues to serve within the Russian armies and several others. armed forces, including Ukrainian ones.

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