Behavior of Russian pilots over Syria increasingly dangerous according to the US Air Force

For nearly 9 years, American, European, Turkish and Russian planes have been accustomed to sharing the Syrian sky. Encounters so far have mostly been professional and restrained, with the exception of the Su-24 shot down by a Turkish F-16 in 2015, after a Turkish F-4 reconnaissance was shot down by DCA Syrian. But things have changed significantly in recent months, as is also the case in NATO's northern sector and above the Baltic Sea. Indeed, the Russian pilots have, on several occasions, undertaken maneuvers deemed unprofessional and dangerous around NATO surveillance devices, a critical incident having even been narrowly avoided at the end of September, when A Su-27 opened fire against a British RC-135W Rivet Joint after misinterpreting the orders given by ground control. Fortunately, the missile of the Russian plane would have experienced a malfunction, and the disaster was narrowly avoided.

RC135W ZZ664 001.jpg Fighters | Russian-Ukrainian conflict | Syrian conflict
It was a Royal Air Force RC-135W Rivent Joint like this one that was reportedly targeted by a Russian air-to-air missile on September 27, 2022. Fortunately, the Russian missile would have malfunctioned, narrowly averting disaster.

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