Poland orders €2bn of short-range ground-to-air systems from Great Britain

A lot can be said about Warsaw's bulimia for the acquisition of defense equipment over the past few yearss, even more sensitive in recent months under the joint action of the war in Ukraine and the arrival of the Polish legislative elections this autumn. However, it is clear that these acquisitions respond to an in-depth and coherent analysis of the needs of an armed force made up of 6 mechanized divisions, in particular in the light of lessons learned in Ukraine. In particular, Warsaw seems to be particularly careful not to make a capability impasse that could undermine the effectiveness of all the armed forces. Thus, beyond heavy tanks and armored vehicles, the Polish armies will be able to rely on very powerful medium and long-range artillery, backed up by a large number of drones and other wandering ammunition, so as to not to depend too much on its air forces, which are more limited because they are very expensive for a country whose GDP is capped at $700 billion a year.

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