Airbus' super-speedy Racer helicopter demonstrator should (really) fly this year

RACER CDPH 8153 00016 e1683208696217

Twice, on March 7 and 15, 2022, several transport and attack helicopters of the Russian forces in forward deployment at Kherson International Airport were victims of Ukrainian attacks which destroyed or seriously damaged at least fifteen apparatuses by an artillery strike and an attack of forces…

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Can Nexter's EMBT demonstrator be included in the next Leopard 2 standard?

EMBT Nexter e1679583822347

Only a few months ago, news dealing with battle tanks, designated by the English acronym MBT (Main Battle Tank), represented only a tiny part of defense news, in Europe as everywhere in the world. the world. The war in Ukraine and its consequences, in particular on the demand for…

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