Faced with North Korean missiles, Japan and South Korea will connect their radar systems

In August 2019, following Tokyo's demotion of South Korea in the hierarchy of Japan's economic partners, Seoul announced unilaterally ending the procedure put in place in 2016 by Washington, so that its two most powerful allies in the Pacific theater can cooperate on intelligence, in particular to quickly exchange information around North Korean missile tests without having to go through the intermediary of the common American ally. This rupture was, in fact, the consequence of a hardening of the relations between the two Asian dragons following the arrival of leaders tinged with nationalism in the two countries, Shinzo Abe in Japan and Moon Jae-In in South Korea, then that resentment between the two countries linked to the exactions of the Japanese imperial forces after the annexation of Korea in the 20s remained very strong. Since then, however, the situation has changed significantly.

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