Lockheed-Martin tries to take the Rafale out of the Colombian competition with 2 unsolicited offers

USAF F 16 e1683737552610 Fighter aircraft | Colombia | Military aircraft construction

At the end of 2022, Colombian President Gustavo Petro publicly announced that Dassault Aviation's offer based on 16 Rafale aircraft had won the competition between the American F-16 and the Swedish Jas-39 Gripen for replace the Kfirs of the Colombian Air Force. A few days later,…

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Why does turning to Israeli weapons represent a double-edged decision for European countries?

PULS TATRA 6x6 2 scaled 1 e1680619696834 Fighter aviation | Colombia | Military aircraft construction

In recent years, the Israeli defense industry has experienced very rapid growth on the international scene, and the year 2022 saw Elbit, Rafael and other IMIs record more than 30% growth in export sales. to reach a volume to be produced of nearly $12 billion, almost…

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Russian long-range air-to-air R-37M missile associated with Su-35s more effective than expected in Ukraine

Su35 R37M e1670686882226 Fighter aircraft | Colombia | Military aircraft construction

Developed in the 1980s on the basis of the R-33 (AA-9 Amos) heavy missile, the R-37 (AA-13 Axehead) heavy air-to-air missile, originally the R-37M missile, was designed to give aircraft that do not have the very powerful radar of the MIG-31 the possibility of engaging aerial targets at long range…

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