Lockheed-Martin is trying to release the Rafale of the Colombian competition with 2 unsolicited offers

At the end of 2022, Colombian President Gustavo Petro publicly announced that Dassault Aviation's offer based on 16 aircraft Rafale had won the competition between the American F-16 and the Swedish Jas-39 Gripen to replace the Kfir of the Colombian Air Force. A few days later, the signing of the $3 billion contract was announced as imminent. Sadly, on January 3, Bogota announced the failure of the procedure.

Indeed, the Colombian authorities did not expect to order the 16 aircraft at once, but in two batches, including a first of 3 to 4 aircraft for just under $700 million, to be signed before December 31 to respect the releases budgets granted by parliament. This haste was obviously not to the taste of Dassault, accustomed to complex negotiations and who preferred to postpone the signature at the risk of losing the contract, rather than committing to an ill-calibrated contract.

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