South Korean K2 Black Panther tank reportedly outperforms Leopard 2A7 in Norwegian competition

Leo 2A7 and K2 Black Panther Norwegian Army e1675432353612

At the beginning of February, Oslo announced the selection of the Leopard 2A7 from the German Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, in order to replace its Leopard 2A4 heavy tanks, at the end of a competition which pitted the German armored vehicle against the K2 Black Panther from the South Korean HRC. According to the Norwegian authorities, the two armored vehicles would have met the requirements of the specifications...

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Why does the format of the French armed forces not correspond to the operational contract presented by the Minister of the Armed Forces?

a rafale plane is preparing to land on the deck of the aircraft carrier charless de gaulle on may 9, 2019 in the indian ocean off the coast of goa 6178270 e1624289420364

Is the operational contract presented by the Minister of the Armed Forces, Sebastien Lecornu, on the sidelines of the vote on the LPM 2024-2030, consistent with the format of the armies resulting from the application of this LPM? This is far from obvious… While the Defense Commission of the National Assembly has amended and validated…

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Russia begins development of new strategic ballistic missile SLBM for its future submarines

bulava R30 e1684160046469

Russian doctrine requires that each new class of nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) corresponds to a new dedicated model of SLBM, a strategic submarine-launched ballistic missile. This is how the Project 667 SSBNs, designated by NATO as the Delta type, which entered service from 1976 to 1990,…

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