The Italian Navy orders 3 new large LXD assault ships of 16.500 tons

The Italian Navy has become, for fifteen years, the priority of the military effort of Rome, so as to make it not only the most powerful naval force of the Mediterranean basin, but also in many aspects, of the old continent, by surpassing the French Navy and the very powerful Royal Navy in this area. To do this, Rome relies on the very dynamic industrial group Fincantieri, and on sustained investments. Thus, since 2007, the Marina Militare has admitted to service 2 anti-aircraft destroyers of the Horizon class, 8 FREMM frigates of the Bergamini class, 3 heavy patrol boats equivalent to PPA frigates of the Thaon di Revel class, the large logistics ship Vulcano as well as aircraft carriers Cavour and Trieste.

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