Danish armies choose Rheinmetall's short-range Skyranger 30 anti-aircraft turret

Rheinmetall Skyranger 30 01

In March 2021, Rheinmetall publicly presented the Skyranger system for the first time, a short-range anti-aircraft and anti-drone turret armed with either a 35 mm (Skyranger 35) or 30 mm (Skyranger 30) cannon. can be carried by a medium armored vehicle like the Boxer, or a…

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RCH-155, L52-Radhaubitze: Are the Germans getting bogged down in the design of a mounted artillery gun?

RCH155 KMW 005 e1684249329279

To support the Bundeswehr's Pzh 2000, German manufacturers have designed two mounted gun systems: the RCH-155 from KMW, and the L52-Radhaubitze from Rheinmetall. However, these systems, as advanced as they are heavy, seem to miss the benefit of this type of equipment. As we have…

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