Will Russian scientists be the scapegoats for the failures of the special military operation in Ukraine?

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Several Russian scientists, having worked in particular on Russian hypersonic weapons, were recently arrested by the FSB on charges of treachery. There have been many surprises since February 24, 2022 and the start of the Russian special military operation against Ukraine. One of the most significant, and yet one…

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The Royal Navy prefers the American Mk41 vertical launch system to the European SYLVER for its Type 31 frigates

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In 2015, faced with a defense budget that remained below needs, the new British Defense Review reduced the format of the Type 26 anti-submarine frigate program, intended to replace the 13 Type 23 frigates of the Duke class, to 8 ships . At the same time, to maintain a format…

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Tokyo will launch a new class of frigate even more modern than the FFM Mogami

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With 23 conventionally powered submarines or AIPs of the Taigei (2), Soryu (12) and Oyashio (9) classes, 4 aircraft carriers including two Izumo class light aircraft carriers and two Hyuga class helicopter carriers, 8 large destroyers AEGIS class Maya (2), Atago (2) and Kongo (4), as well as 38 destroyers, destroyer escorts and frigates…

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