50% of Russian military deaths in Ukraine are the result of poor first aid training

It is rare today that the Russian press organs venture to publish testimonies pointing to dysfunctions within the armies, and in particular when it concerns the special military operation in Ukraine, as officially designated.

It is true that criticism of either is now punishable by 15 years in prison, and the Russian courts seem rather inclined to strictly apply the Duma's new laws in this area.

This was however the case in an article published by the Ria Novostii site on April 27, in this case an interview with the head of the Kalashnikov Tactical Medicine Training Center Artem Katulin.

If the interview itself is watered down and has little interest, it still contains a revelation of the most spectacular. Indeed, according to Artem Katulin, 50% of the deaths of Russian soldiers in Ukraine are linked to poor emergency care, and therefore to poor training of troops in first aid.

And to drive the point home by specifying that 30% of the amputations carried out on the soldiers taking part in the military special operation, are the consequence of a badly posed tourniquet.

According to him, if the members of the center are present in Ukraine and carry out important training work, most of the soldiers remain without appropriate knowledge, which partly explains the heavy losses recorded.

Firsthelp training ukrain Russian Federation | Russian-Ukrainian conflict | Military training and exercises
First aid training is particularly seriously carried out by Ukrainian soldiers, with the help of Western trainers (here Spanish)

According to the American Defense Intelligence Agency, the Russian armies have recorded between 189.500 and 223.000 casualties since the beginning of the conflict, including 35,500-43,000 killed and 154,000-180,000 wounded.

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