Romania will order 2 Scorpène submarines from the French Naval Group

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The announcement was expected. It now seems official. According to the website defenseromania.r o, the Romanian parliament has given its approval for the acquisition of two Scorpene submarines, as well as two second-hand mine warfare vessels acquired from the Royal Navy.

The contract with France will cover the construction of the two submersibles by Naval Group, as well as the delivery of torpedoes, maintenance elements as well as a set of services including training and support for technical and military personnel, including in matter of submarine warfare.

Although the amount of the contract is known, €2 billion, its contract timetable has not, for the moment, been revealed either by the Romanian authorities or by Naval Group.

The acquisition of these two submarines will considerably increase the potential of the Romanian Navy, and shake up the balance of naval power in the Black Sea, today mainly controlled by the Turkish and Russian Navies, the latter fielding 6 636.3 submarines. Improved Kilo in the Black Sea Fleet.

High-performance, discreet and equipped with excellent combat systems, the two Romanian Scorpènes will in fact be a notable obstacle to Russian freedom of maneuver in these waters, both below and below the surface.

Note that the contract relating to the local construction of Gowind 2500 corvettes by the Constanta shipyards announced in 2019, Naval Group and the industrialist failing to find budgetary common ground, according to the Romanian site.

Romanian Scorpene submarines will have their work cut out for them in the Black Sea
The Russian Black Sea Fleet fields 6 conventionally powered 636.3 Improved Kilo submarines. The arrival of the Romanian Scorpènes will significantly upset the naval balance in this theater.

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