US military logistics to Europe are 30% more efficient today than at the start of the war in Ukraine

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The war in Ukraine has put a strain on American military logistics to Europe, after 30 years of wasteland. But the American General Staff is satisfied with the progress made in recent months in this area, with a 30% increase in efficiency observed.

Between 1969 and the beginning of the 90s, NATO conducted almost every year, in the fall or at the beginning of winter, a vast exercise called Reforger. This was intended to simulate the massive deployment of American forces in Europe to deal with a hypothetical Warsaw Pact offensive.

At the height of tensions, in 1983, during the Euromissile crisis, Reforger thus mobilized no less than 125.000 American soldiers who were deployed in Europe to supply the IIIᵉ, Vᵉ and VIIᵉ Corps of the US Army, participating in the defense of Europe.

At that time, the Pentagon's logisticians had acquired highly efficient know-how and organization to make transatlantic rotations more fluid over the exercises, whether in terms of men, heavy equipment, ammunition or foodstuffs.

With the end of the cold war, the Reforger exercise naturally lost its interest, and its last iteration, Reforger 93 which took place in May 1993, involved only a few American units positioned in Federal Germany.

While American logisticians had other theaters in which to exercise their talents, in the Middle East, facing Iraq first, then Afghanistan, know-how in Europe has noticeably withered in recent decades.

US military logistics had to deploy 3 US army corps in a few weeks during the Cold War
Reforging aimed to implement 3 Army Corps of the US Army in Europe against the Warsaw Pact

The Russian offensive against Ukraine in February 2022, and the increase in American aid to Kyiv but also to its European allies in recent months, was therefore a real challenge for both men and infrastructure, which no longer had experienced such activity for 30 years.

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