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After a grueling Wargame session, US parliamentarians want to preposition weapons in Taiwan

US lawmakers reconsider their positions on military support for Taiwan after a wargaming session

Created in January 2023, the House of Representatives Committee on Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party, frequently referred to as the "China Committee", has the mission of investigating the economic, political and strategic actions of the Chinese Communist Party internationally and in the United States, and to propose actions to respond. One of the most burning issues facing this committee, made up of 13 Democratic representatives and 11 Republican representatives, is none other than the growing threat posed by Beijing to its Taiwanese ally.

To take the full measure of what an open conflict between the United States and China around the autonomous island since 1947 would be, the China Committee had its members participate in a wargame session just a month ago. As we had already reported , it was the subject of real awareness on the part of American parliamentarians, not only regarding the risks of extension of the conflict, but also regarding the high losses and the numerous destruction that such a conflict would cause.

It is in fact no surprise that the China Committee proposed, a few weeks later, several measures aimed at significantly increasing the dissuasive potential of the Taiwanese and American posture towards Beijing.

The faces of American parliamentarians during the wargame session in the Pacific theater show the intensity of the experience lived
The faces of American parliamentarians during the wargame session in the Pacific theater show the intensity of the experience lived

Thus, within the framework of the Law governing the Pentagon's 2024 budget, the China committee made 10 recommendations mainly aimed at this objective, including an increased effort to accelerate delivery of some $19 billion in military equipment ordered by Taipei, but also the strengthening in number and dispersion of American forces deployed in the Pacific theater. In addition, he recommended giving Taiwan priority status in the delivery of weapons, as well as increasing military aid by $500 million granted by Washington to Taipei.

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Fabrice Wolf
Fabrice Wolf
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