Sweden to train Ukrainian pilots on JAS 39 Gripen, reportedly considering exporting aircraft to Kyiv

Gripen E fires first missile e1681561183689 Fighter aviation | Russo-Ukrainian conflict | Military aircraft construction

After the F-16, the Saab JAS 39 Gripen fighter could also join the Ukrainian air forces, according to statements by Swedish ministers, announcing the training of Ukrainian pilots on the aircraft, and its possible export to Kyiv. In recent days, announcements have been coming one after the other around the constitution...

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FA-50, ATR-72MP, UH-60, Anca..: The Malaysian Air Force is modernizing at the LIMA show

FA 50 KAI e1685104106946 Fighter aircraft | Russo-Ukrainian conflict | Military aircraft construction

Like its neighbors, Kuala Lumpur had not made equipping the Malaysian air force a priority until recently, despite regional tensions, its population of 33 million and of its 330,000 km² to protect. After the withdrawal of the MIG-29 and F-5 from service…

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A second French NG nuclear aircraft carrier: Why? And for how much?

PANG1 e1607449896719 Fighter aircraft | Russo-Ukrainian conflict | Military aircraft construction

It was through an enthusiastic tweet that the Renaissance deputy for the second constituency of Finistère, Jean-Charles Larsonneur, announced yesterday evening the adoption by a transpartisan majority of an amendment to the Military Programming Law 2024-2030, to that an in-depth study be carried out during the LPM, regarding the construction…

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