Sweden to train Ukrainian pilots on JAS 39 Gripen, reportedly considering exporting aircraft to Kyiv

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After the F-16, the Saab JAS 39 Gripen fighter could also join the Ukrainian air forces, according to statements by Swedish ministers, announcing the training of Ukrainian pilots on the aircraft, and its possible export to Kyiv.

In recent days, announcements have been coming one after the other around the creation of the new westernized Ukrainian fighter fleet. Several European countries, including the Netherlands and Denmark, have already indicated that they will provide F-16 fighter jets to the Ukrainian air force, while Copenhagen and The Hague have been tasked with coordinating the training of pilots and technical maintenance personnel to implement these devices by the fall.

If, by its wide distribution in Europe, and its American origin, the F-16 has naturally been designated as the most suitable platform for the Ukrainian air forces, especially as several air forces in Europe are evolving towards the F-35A, Another aircraft has often been mentioned as a potential suitable choice for Kyiv, the JAS 39 Gripen.

Fighter, efficient, modern and light, the Gripen is today in service with 6 air forces, including 3 European: Hungary with 12 aircraft, the Czech Republic with 14 aircraft under lease which will soon expire, and Sweden which has 98 Gripen C/Ds currently being modernized, as well as 24 Gripen A in reserve, and which ordered 60 new JAS 39 Gripen E/F in 2016 to modernize its fleet.

Stockholm in fact has a certain amount of aircraft that could potentially be transferred to Kyiv, while the Ukrainian authorities had officially announced their interest in the Swedish aircraft as part of the modernization of the country's air forces a few months ago.

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The 30 Danish F-16s in service are being replaced by the 20 F-35As ordered by Copenhagen

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