Towards an evolution of the specifications for Polish submarines?

Barracuda shortfin submarine e1685371614396 Submarine fleet | Air Independent Propulsion AIP | Germany

Long undecided, the Polish ORKA submarine program has been relaunched by the country's authorities, with new specifications. The last few days have been full of announcements about the future of the Polish defense effort. In addition to information regarding the programs…

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Why is finding the name of the future French nuclear aircraft carrier so difficult?

PANG CGI Euronaval e1671027622344 Submarine fleet | Air Independent Propulsion AIP | Germany

In recent days, a subject seems to have focused the attention of a large part of the French defense sphere. Indeed, now that the construction of the future new generation nuclear aircraft carrier intended to replace the Charles de Gaulle from 2038 is assured, it is appropriate to name the future flagship...

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