Is Ukraine assembling a breakthrough brigade for its upcoming offensive?

Sweden provides Ukraine with CV9040 one of the most modern IFVs in the world 925 001 e1685546309249

For several weeks now, many Western commentators have been waiting for the launch of the famous Ukrainian spring counter-offensive against the Russian system. However, this tends to be delayed. And the Janes analysis and information service may have pinpointed the reasons for this delay. Indeed, in a brief, the site announced that it had obtained certain information on this subject during the International Defense and Security Technology Fair (IDET) 2023, which took place a few days ago in Brno, in the Republic Czech.

According to this information, the Ukrainian General Staff would wait until the 50 CV90 infantry fighting vehicles, the ten Leopard 2A5 tanks and the ten Archer artillery systems offered by Sweden are operational, to launch this offensive. And to add that Sweden would have trained 3000 to 5000 Ukrainian soldiers, that is to say the manpower of a brigade, to implement these materials. In fact, a brigade thus constituted, would in fact constitute a very effective breaking force to break through the Russian defensive lines, and allow other units, less heavily equipped and protected, to exploit the breach thus created by maneuver. .

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Stockholm announced that it had offered Kyiv between 8 and 12 Archer 155 mm artillery systems

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