Iran claims it has developed a hypersonic ballistic missile capable of outmaneuvering 'all existing defences'

Dezful irbm missile iran e1685709228603

Tehran has just announced that it has developed a new hypersonic ballistic missile designed to thwart all existing anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense systems, without mentioning them, the Israeli David Sling and Arrow 3 systems. As we know, Iran has made, in recent years, immense proven progress in the field...

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Are the Europeans reproducing the mistakes of the United States to 'rationalize' the defense industry?

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For several years, the Europeans have spared no effort in trying to give life to a rationalized European defense industry, with the long-term objective of increasing the strategic autonomy of the old continent. This is how several initiatives have been launched, particularly at the level of the European Union such as Permanent Cooperation...

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